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A fantastic boat tour amongst art treasures in the small islands of Venice Lagoon


In this tour you will discover many art treasures in fascinating locations. On a bragozzo, typical woodden boat used for fishing in the Lagoon, you will sail towards San Lazzaro degli Armeni completely occupied by a monastery that is the parent of the Mekhitaristi order. The island is one of the main centres in the world of Armenian culture. The island, far from the historical center of Venice, was in an ideal position for quarantine and was therefore used in the twelfth century as a leper hospital, receiving its name from Saint Lazzaro beggar, lepers’ patron saint.


You will continue towards San Servolo, site of the former Asylum, San Clemente, now hosting a luxurious hotel and Santa Maria delle Grazie used as a shelter site by Holy Land pilgrims. In its curch is kept an image considered, hence the island's name. 


Last stop the island of St.George with its Church and the Palladio's façade. From there you could experience a breathtaking panoramic view of St Mark's Area. You wil then get back to Fondamenta Nuove through the Canals of the Arsenal (boatyard of Venice since the XII century) .


A complete and unforgettable boat tour of the Venice lagoon.

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  1. Fondamente Nuove Venezia
  2. San Lazzaro degli Armeni
  3. San Servolo island
  4. San Giorgio island