Zur Buchungsanfrage

This breathtaking tour will take you to the southern part of the Lagoon, the area going from Venice to Chioggia. You will see the Lagoon meeting the sea in an unspoiled nature environment.


On a bragozzo, typical woodden boat used for fishing in the Lagoon, you will sail towards Malamocco. This settlement dates back to the Barbarian Invasions and it was the first harbour of Venice. In front of the island you will see Poveglia, former quarantine station. The tour will then move towards Pellestrina and Ca' Roman natural oasis. An amazing, almost unheard-of place for a full immersion in nature. Sailing along, you will see the "peocere" (mussels breeding)  all around and the "casoni" (fishermen's characteristic houses). Last stop, where you could enjoy a fish lunch, is Chioggia also called Little Venice for its likeness to the city. A small treasure of architecture and traditions.


The coming back, if the conditions are right, will be made by sail!


A striking tour, off the beaten track, a real must for nature and photography lovers

Zur Buchungsanfrage


  • private boat excursion
  • Poveglia island 
  • Discover south  Venice Lagoon  


  1. Venezia
  2. Poveglia island
  3. Pellestrina
  4. Chioggia