Zur Buchungsanfrage

In Venice, from the middle of the fifteenth century, the nobles and the wealthy were preceded by a servant called "Codega" equipped with a lantern to enlighten their path in the darkness of night delighting them with anecdotes and stories.

Today, your personal host will guide you through the maze of mystery that belong to the lagoon. A leap in the past that will inspire you to be the actors in a moving mise en scene and will push you in the heart of the life of the Serenissima Republic and its Carnival.

Discover the city secrets! You will learn about Casanova and the Levantine, about the gondolier that become a priest and about the elephant that found shelter in a church. You will discover why an angel was put as a palace guardian and why the bridge between two convents was called "The Devil's Bridge", but also the secret language of fans and the legends of a number of ghosts that is said still live in Venice.

Through the stories of the “Codega” the visitors will be escorted to unusual and secret places of Venice that differ from the peaceful chaos of Carnival, to find out some interesting facts of the history and daily life of the Serenissima Republic.

A captivating event for the entire family, a new and unusual way to live Venice Carnival!


This tour is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities - Comfortable shoes suggested – The show will be bilingual English & Italian or French & Italian – The tour is not considered private but it is shared with other guests not belonging to the same party – For general conditions refer to our brochure “Discovering Venice”.

Zur Buchungsanfrage


  • An unusual itinerary in the heart of Venice
  • Amazing adventure in the mysteries of Carnival
  • Lots of stories and curiosities told by special hosts


  1. Campo San Gallo
  2. Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo