Last Carnival waltz in Venice, hotel Splendid Venice

Last Carnival waltz

Don't miss the closing event of the Venice Carnival in Costume® 2018.

In the campiello (small square) of the hotel Splendid Venice a classical trio will accompany the Dance Master and his partner during their dance lesson.
The guests will learn the basic steps of the period dances, taking home with them an unforgettable experience of the Venice Carnival. The guests will enjoy hot chocolate and Venetian biscuits in a festive atmosphere, and then they'll be able to continue the festivities by watching the spectacular "Svolo del Leon" (the flight of the Lion) from the bell tower in St. Mark's Square, only a short walk from the hotel.


Key Details

  • DRESS CODE: period costume compulsory
  • Date: Tuesday 13 February
  • Hours: 3 - 5 p.m.
  • Address: Hotel Splendid Venice - San Marco 760, Mercerie
  • Price: €110

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  • the last walz in the heart of Venice
  • Hot choccolate and historical dances with Dance Masters
  • End of carnival in Saint Mark
  • See the spectacular flight of the lion form the bell tower of S. Mark


  1. Piazzale Roma
  2. Hotel Splendid Venice
  3. San Marco