Zur Buchungsanfrage

Fascinating tour to discover Venice secret gardens and green spaces.

Anybody who has the chance to view Venice from the air might be surprised to discover just how many patches of green can be seen nestling between the canals and palazzo below. Between the 1600's and 1800's the city of Venice was dotted with hundreds of little gardens.

The tradition of gardens in Venice dates back to the need of being absolutely independent and self-sufficient in case of war. The first green areas were just vegetable gardens with small flower corners. Nowadays only cloistered convents keep on growing fruit and vegetables, beside of the island of St.Erasmo, known as the garden of Venice.
With the growing importance of Venice in Europe, many families decided to create ornamental gardens inspired by byzantine or french style.

Many gardens were distroyed with the end of the Serenissma Republic, as many families tried to reduce their  property to avoid the heavy taxes fixed by Austrians.

Gardens played an important role, both functional and social in the history of Venice. This tour will be a chance to learn stories and anecdotes on these secluded spaces.

A realxing moment,off the beaten track and the crowd of St.Mark's Area to discover a more authentic Venice 

Zur Buchungsanfrage


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