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This private tour will take you to disover the seats of power of the Serenissima Republic


Your guide will tell you the history of all the buildings framing the Square: from the Procuratie Vecchie e Nuove (homes and offices of the administrators of St.Mark's Church Holdings) to the Napoleonic Wing (built by Napoleone after razing the formerly existing S.Geminiano church to create a Ball Room) from St. Mark's Bell Tower (rebuilt exactly where it was and how it was in 1902) to the startling Clock Tower ending with the Basilica masterpiece of Byzantine Art.


The visit continues with the Doge's Palace that represented the head of political power in Venice. In its amazing halls, filled and decorated with masterpieces of painting, the Doge and the Council would reign and rule the fate of a great Republic.


You will be taken along this magic places with a qualified guide who will show you the halls of Venetian power, through an exclusive historical and cultural context: the European Middle Ages and the glorious centuries of Venice Republic.

You will be amazed looking at the rich decor of the Golden Staircase and all the  images painted by famous painters who made this Palace splendid.

Relive the prisoners desperation as you cross the famous Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), then go into the Palace of Prisons to understand the life of those people once confined in the Venice dungeons.


A full tour to understand in depth the history of Serenissima Republic

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  • Doge's Place 
  • San Marco Basilica 
  • San Marco Square 
  • Museo Correr - Procuratie  


  1. San Marco square
  2. Basilica
  3. Doge's Palace
  4. Bell Tower
  5. Procuratie