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This interesting PRIVATE walking tour follow the trail of merchants of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.


Venice was one of the most important players in trading in XVI-XVII centuries. In its rich markets it was possibile to find goods coming from all over the world: from Greek Oils to German metals up to the precious silk traded from the Far East, in Venice you could find more or less everything. Foreing merchants were allowed to use special warehouses with direct access to the waterway called fondachi. These were assigned to the merchants' different nationalities (German Fondaco - Turkish Fondaco...).


During this tour you will have the chance to visit the Rialto Market, with its colorful stalls full of fruit, vegetable and fish. Nowadays it is still usual for Venetians to shop in this market, that takes place in the same location that had during the Serenissima Repubblic, a place full of history and tradition.


Stroll along the Strada Nuova, one of the commercial routes of Venice, overlooked by many trading buildings (the old fondachi) today transformed into public buildings (Post Office, Natural History Museum..)


At the end of the walk you will visit the luxurious Ca' d'Oro (Golden House litterally) that even from its name suggest an image of richness. It is a wonderful example of a rich merchant house dating back to 1500. Today it hosts a collection of sculptures and painintgs but it is particularly interesting for its structure, the so called "fondaco". Every merchant family used to have their own warehouse on the bottom floor of their mansion.


A fascinating tour in the soul of old Venetian Republic.

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  • Rialto
  • Ca d'Oro
  • Fontego dei Tedeschi
  • Fontego dei Turchi


  1. Campo San Bortolomio
  2. Rialto area
  3. Fontego dei Tedeschi
  4. Ca d'Oro
  5. Fontego dei Turchi