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The tour includes the visit of two monuments fundamental in the history of Venice: the Frari Basilica and the  San Rocco Scuola Grande.


The Frari Basilica was first established in the late part of 1200, when the first friars, followers of Francesco d'Assisi, arrived in Venice. The City offered to them an area partially covered by a wide pond, called "Badoer Lake" . The friars reclaimed it and transform it in the now called Campo dei Frari (Friars Square). To thank the Virgin of Her help they built the Friars'Holy Mary Basilica that in a short time became one of the most important Churches in Venice. Great artists collaborated in the decoration, among them   Giovanni Bellini  and Tiziano who painted as the High Altar Piece the famous "Assunta"  claimed by Canova to be "the most beautiful painting in the world". By the Venetian artist is also the  "Virgin of Ca'Pesaro" one of his best works. The Church counts 17 Altars with amazing Altar Pieces by famous artists. Remarkable is also the woodden double choir.


The tour continues with the visit of  San Rocco Scuola Grande (Guild House).  Scuole were brotherhoods made of middle-class citizens, in particular immigrants, craftmen and merchants. We could compare them to Guilds (there were the Shoemaker Guild - the Goldsmith Guild but also the foreign workers one like the Albanian or Slavic ones) as they offered help and assistance to brothers but act also as professional registers. The most important brotherhoods were the one devoted to a Saint which took care of charity activities.


The Scuola di San Rocco was established in 1485 and it used to be the most important of Venice, it even lended money to the Republic during wars. In 1500 i begun a collaboration with the great painter Tintoretto who also became a brother of the Guild. Today the Museum hosts more than 50 masterpieces by the Venetian artist, together with other works of the same age.


An interesting tour to understand the heritage of Venetian Brotherhoods  and admire the Reinassance Artists' Masterpieces


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  • Frari Church 
  • San Rocco Confraternity
  • Tintoretto and Tiziano paintings


  1. Frari Basilica
  2. San Rocco Confraternity