Create your own glass piece: CANCELLARE DAL 3 GENNAIO

From EUR 60

You will realize a magnificent glass art work with one of the most famous venetian artists!

During this unforgettable experience you will discover the ancient processing techniques of the glass, feeling the warmth and seeing the colors during the process!

The master artisan will help you along the whole experience allowing you to realize a unique and inimitable work art, and, at the same, time he will explain you the history and secrets of this old-centuries art.

You will bring your piece of glass at home as a special souvenir!


A unique way to live and discover the culture and art of Venice.

The activity takes place in the workshop where the artists realizes works to show in the exhibition around the world!

Timetables: from Monday to Saturday at 9:30 - 11: 30 - 14:30 - 16: 30 - 18:00 and Sunday at 10:00 AM

Duration: 1:30 approx.

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish and French

Andress: Bottega (workshop) Artistica Massimiliano Caldarone - Campiello Widmann già Biri, 5419B, 30121 Venezia VE 5419/b


Unfortunately, the tour is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities. The participants under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult.



From EUR 60

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Realize your own piece of glass!

One of the best artisan of Venice!


  1. Venezia
  2. Campiello Widmann
  3. San Marco