CARNIVAL Minuetto at the Ridotto of Palazzo Dandolo

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Minuetto ball at Palazzo Dandolo

Enjoy a Carnival dinner and dance in costume in the historic hall of the Ridotto, located in the hotel Monaco&Grand Canal, a few steps from St Mark's Square. During the past centuries, venetian nobles and merchants from all over the world celebrated the carnival dancing and eating. They used to be masked in order to hide their identities.

The event starts at 8:00 pm with a aperitif and will be followed by a rich dinner with 4 dishes and locas wines (included). As dessert there are typical venetian cookies: "Galani" and  carnival sweet pancakes.


A Dance Master with his partner will lead the group dances throughout the evening and an opera singer will delight the guests between the different dances accompanied by live music with a baroque ensemble.


  • Date: Saturdays  February 8th,  price per person € 300
  • Date: Saturdays February 21th ,  price per person € 340
  • Time: 8 p.m. - 12 a.m.
  • Address: Hotel Monaco &  Grand Canal - San Marco 1332, Calle Vallaresso
  • Dress code: period costume compulsory


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  • A fantastic Minuetto ball in the Ridotto hall at Palazzo Dandolo
  • Carnival Ball in one of the most beautiful palace of Venice
  • A Carnival Party in the a stunning venetian palace on Canal Grande


  1. Piazzale Roma
  2. Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal
  3. San Marco