Grand Canal tour: self-guided tour!

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Discover the Grand Canal: the richest waterway of the world!

Grand Canal is the main water-road of Venice, 4 km long and with more than 200 magnificent buildings belonged to the Venetian nobles and the Doges (Head of the Venetian republic). Venetian aristocrats used them as showrooms of their products and activities. Ships came from all over the world to deposit their exotic products in front of these magnificent buildings. During this incredible experience the boat will pass under the oldest bridge of Venice: Rialto.

Your personal audio-guide will escort through the itinerary finding out about the endless history of Venice and many curiosities about its splendid attractions!

No more fixed timetable or rush, an excursion at your own pace by day or night!

Get on the public boat number 1, the slower boat used by venetians to move around the city, put your earphones and enjoy the trip! 24 descriptions in 8 different languages will begin automatically on your mobile as you pass in front of each place of interest!

When and how can I do it?

Anytime by night and by day, how many times you want.
To use the app you must take public boat line number 1 (white circle with black number).

How can I get it?

At the moment that you buy the activity. We will send you the QR code and the public boat ticket by e-mail. (Click here for instructions)

Price: € 15 p.p. including a one way boat ticket for line n.1 (The ticket line is valid for 75 minutes from the moment of validation and it is ONLY for the line 1).

Public boat timetable: every 10 minutes by day and every 20/25 minutes by night.

Starting points: From the embarkation point in Piazzale Roma or in Saint Mark's Square

Languages: English, Italian, French, German Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

This app won’t use up any data connection as it runs on GPS only.

If you want to know the list of attractions and monuments described in the app click here



From EUR 15

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Grand Canal tour

App for Venice

Discover the Palace along Canal Grande


  1. From Piazzale Roma
  2. from St Mark's Square