Carnival Extravaganza - A great masked ball at Palazzo Dandolo

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Carnival Extravaganza

The most elegant party of the Venice Carnival will take place tn the Hall of the Ridotto, heart of the extravagant carnivals of the 18th-century, where nobles, gamblers and adventurers such as Giacomo Casanova were regulars. 

When the guests arrive they will enjoy a welcome cocktail, followed by a five-course dinner (wines included) seated in a magical atmosphere, during which wonderful Venetian costumes by the best artists will make their appearance. During and after dinner the Grand Ball will take place, led by the Dance Master with live music by a classical ensemble: a unique experience which combines amusement, elegance, and participation.

Key Details

Meeting Point: Palazzo Dandolo - Hotel Monaco&Grand Canal -  San Marco 1332 - Calle Vallaresso
When: saturday  2 March  2019 

Duration: from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am
Dress Code: period costume mandatory


  • Entrance: € 520  (doesn't include the costume rental)
  • Entrance and costume rental: € 790



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  • The most elegant masked ball in Venice

  • Spectacular carnival party at Palazzo Dandolo
  • Extravagant carnivals masks
  • Party in front of St. Mark's Basin


  1. Piazzale Roma
  2. Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal