Renseignements réservations

The Secret Itineraries of the Doge's Palace (open only for guided tours on request) will take through the Serenissima Republic Power Rooms. You will visit secret Chambers usually closed to the Public.


The itinerary starts from the striking Chamber of the Secret Cancellery whose walls are lined with cabinets containing public acts and secret documents of the Republic.

The tour continues to the disturbing Torture Chamber directly connected to the Palace's Prisons. You will then move on to the Piombi whose cells were used for political prisioners. In these rooms was imprisoned also Casanova whose cell is now part of the visit. These prisons were a lot better than the terrible Wells (Pozzi) placed under the water level. Narrow, humid and noxious entering one of these cells was just as being condemned to death.


From the Prisons you will then visit the Inquisitors Chamber. These dreaded officers were in charge of the Republic Security and could dispose at their will of suspected traitors. The last stop will be the Three Head Magistrates Hall. These three officers (substituited every three month) administrate Justice in the Republic of Venice. From here you will reach the Council of Ten Room through a secret passage concealed in a wooden cabinet.


A fascinating tour through the History, the Istitutions and the Rooms of Power in the Serenissima Republic. 

Renseignements réservations

Points forts

  • You will visit secret Chambers usually closed to the Public.

  • Chamber of the Secret Cancellery

  • Casanova cell is part of the visit


  1. San Marco square
  2. Doge's Palace
  3. Prison