La Fenice was opened in 1792, according to a project by architect Giannantonio Selva. Partially damaged by a fire in 1836 was entirely rebuilt and so remained until the great fire of 29th January 1996 that burned it to the ground. A huge international interest encourage the reconstruction of the building according to the motto "how it was where it was".

In December 2003 the theatre was eventually reopened.


The theatre has 5 floors of Galleries, among which stands out the luxurious Royal Box. Particularly interesting are the Sale Apollinee with wonderful decorations and marquetries.


The tour, lead by an expert, will allow you to visit the entire Theatre including areas usually closed to the public. You will learn fascinating stories on the many lives of this theatre, that seems to be able to rise from its ashes, that just as the mithological animal it is named after.


At the end of the tour you can enjoy a typical Venetian cocktail in the Sale Apollinee



Points forts

  • private visit to the theatre - opera house
  • Sale Apollinee with wonderful decorations and marquetries


  1. San Marco Square
  2. La Fenice Theatre