Create your business card in an ancient print-shop

Live the experience of visiting an old print shop, you will discover all the secrets of the ancient art of printing. You will see the lead types, the old machines used to print precious hand made books. You will discover a world that can still exist only in Venice, the only place in the world where tradition, culture and innovation can co-exist.

Venice has been famous since the XVI century for the fine prints realized by its craftmen. Many books were printed here as the Serenissima Government allowed free circulation of ideas, even against the Church will. 

The craftmen shop you will visit is famous all over the world: Royal Houses, nobles, even great designers and businessmen have their business cards printed by the Basso family.

You will see Gianni and his son Stefano at work and will be able to appreciate the amazing historical value of their art. You will discover all the secrets of printing and even compose and print your own business card with the "masters" help. 

At the end of the demonstration you will receive a precious bookmark, printed just for you!



  • Meeting point: Gianni Basso Stampatore In Venezia, Cannaregio 5306, Calle del Fumo, Venezia 
  • The tour lasts: 60 minutes
  • Languages: English and Italian 
  • Price: 20€ per person (max. 10 people per tour). Business Cards cost is not included and can be paid directly to the printer


Points forts

  • Learn the ancient secrets of fine prints
  • Create your own business cards
  • Dive into one of Venetian most famous crafts


  1. Cannaregio 5306
  2. Ferrovia
  3. San Marco