Venetian Food Experience

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Venice is famous not only for its amazing art treasures and history. Also Venetian cuisine is an experience that cannot be missed.

This menu based on fish tasting is a unique experience. A time travel among ancient savours and dishes that will be lead by the experience of Chef Domenico.  

Venice has always been a crossroad of commerce, culture and people from all other the world.
Venetian Cuisine has taken something from every population that lived in the city. You will discover the different influences: Middle-Eastern, Chinese, Arabic, Jewish.... You will also learn the methods used to preserve food that Venetians needed to learn to carry food on their ships. 


The different dishes you will try are prepared personally by Chef Domenico and are characteristic of every "sestiere" or island of the Lagoon:

Cannaregio: Sardines Venetian Style (Saor) with polenta

San Marco: Creamed Cod Fish 

Castello: Stewed Cuttlefishes

Dorsoduro: Roasted Scallops

Rialto: Mixed boiled fish

Santa Croce: Lagoon prawns with polenta

San Polo: Cuttlefish Risotto

Pellestrina: Fish Lasagne 

Burano: Risotto alla Buranella

Torcello: Mixed fried fish

San PoloSea Bass with artichokes

Traditional Venetian Biscuites


Typical Restaurant Bentigodi, Cannaregio 1423, Venezia 

Th old Ventian tavern is located in one of the crossroads of the different ethnic groups living in Venice. The restaurant is a few steps away from the Ghetto, close to the Turkish Fondaco and to Rialto the center of trading. 

It was also very close to a famous brothel so that "customers" could try also the "gluttony" sin 


Available: Every day - not on Tuesday

Opening Time: 12:00 am - 3:00 pm for lunch  / 7.30 pm - 11 pm for dinner

Price per person: € 70

Drinks are not included (the chef will personally suggest the correct matches)


A partir de EUR 70

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A travel through Venice culture, history and savours

Enjoy a 10 courses fish tasting

Try a typical Venetian experience


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