Venice Carnival Top Events

Discover the top traditional events of Venice Carnival in Saint Mark's Square. A magical atmoshpere that will seduce you and make you feel like you are back at Casanova time

Venice Carnival Origins

The origin of Venice Carnival is still uncertain. What it is sure is that its initial affirmation is based on three specific moments: between religious celebrations and wars.

Top 5 Carnival Balls Features

Discover the common features to all Venice Carnival Balls. A once in a lifetime experience that will bring you in another world...just for one it used to be in 1700's Venice Carnival

 Venice Carnival Balls

Venice Carnival Balls

The offer of parties, events and entertainments during Venice Carnival is very rich. The different proposals are so peculiar that anyone can find his ideal party, ranging from romance to excesses, from history to pure entertainment, from vice to gourmet events!

Discover Venice Carnival History

Learn the origins and history of Venice Carnival, one of the most ancient and famous carnivals in the world. You will be surprised to know it lasted more than 6 months and that masks have a very different purpose..